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Ecopsychology Praxis

principles and Practice

practice of being home  within the logos of nature.

Ecological Self
transformative Learning
Restoring broken BElonging
Innate Indigenosity
The PRactice of Ecopsychology
True Soul Purpose
~naturally aligned with life~
Capacity to Be Affected
~sensitivity is protective~
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Spirit & Maturity
Aligned with Laws of Life
~bowing down, we rise~
Embodied Ecology
~organic belonging is wholesome~
Four Domains of Ecopsychology


gardening, physical vitality, embodied belonging, hygiene hypothesis, intimacy with life

Intimacy with one's habitat (including the body , diet, and surrounding environment) is afoundation for health, happiness, and evolution. There are many wonderful paths of embodied ecology, including physical activities like yoga, hiking, organic gardening, restoring damaged habitats, and promoting regenerative agriculture. Linking basic survival needs to the well-being of the planet is crucial. Daily actions that are connected to life matter, as does an easy sense of enjoyment.


emotional intelligence, broken-open heart, willingness to go to edge, introspection

 The greatest threat to life is apatheia, a state of not-feeling or anesthesia. Sensitivity is protective. Emotional response is a first step in transformation. Being being affected by what is happening inspires creative action. In fact, necessary change is impossible unless we are affected. Feelings and concern on behalf of life also signifies the development of an expanding and inclusive ecological identity, what ecopsychologists call the "ecological Self."  In our work, feelings of shame, fear, despair, and anger can be healthy--if they are linked to underlying needs.


creative action, political engagement, social change, passion for meaningful work

True purpose is a gift from life for life. Turning to take action on behalf of of life can reveal the central organizing principle of our lives. What matters most to you? What will you do with your one wild and precious life? Turning to face the storm strips away the extraneous and breaks the trance of addictions. Authentic creative action on behalf of life promotes adaptation & perhaps, evolution. ​


wisdom, equanimity, trusting Nature, listening, surrender, easy laughter

What if the primary role of human beings is to stand in awe of creation and celebrate? Nose to the grindstone and being over-worked is not life-serving. The human soul is wild and, like any natural entity, needs protection from exploitative market forces and mindless consumerism. Cultivating inner alignment with the intelligence of Nature is profoundly protective. It also promotes relaxed confidence, generosity, and joy. Thus, we naturally become guardians of ecological mutuality.

“Take your well-disciplined strengths, stretch them between the two great opposing poles, because inside human beings is where God learns.”  - Rilke

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